Top Ten Film Schools 2012 Survey by Reelshow International


Welcome to the fifth annual Top Ten Film Schools Survey carried out by The Reelshow.

Reelshow Top Ten Film Schools 2012 Survey Results:

Here are the results of The 5th Annual  Reelshow International Top Ten Film Schools 2012 Survey. The survey was carried out amongst our membership and site visitors over the last 6 months of 2012 and reflects their opinions.  We asked our membership and site visitors to nominate the film school they thought  should be in our Top Ten Film Schools for 2012. Click on the names of the schools – we have linked to their websites so you can find out more about them.

Congratulations to University of North Alabama, Department of Communications – Film and Digital Media Production who are ‘number one’ this year!!

  1. University of North Alabama Department of Communication’s Film and Digital Media Production  United States
  2. Colorado Film School    United States
  3. Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema- Concordia University    Canada
  4. Sedona Film School  United States
  5. Ithaca College   United States
  6. LV Prasad Film and TV Academy      India
  7. Miami Dade College -School of Entertainment and Design Technology  United States
  8. Vancouver Film School   Canada
  9. National Film and TV School  United Kingdom
  10. Unitec Institiute of Technology Department of Performing and Screen Arts   New Zealand

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